Please read, print, sign, and return ASAP.

2018 KHS Music trip commitment slip

Great news everyone! The school board has approved our trip to California.

The dates are February 28 – March 3.

We will be able to see the broadway production Aladdin. We will be going to the Pantages theater in Hollywood!  The class presidencies are working on the final itinerary for the theme parks and we should have more information soon.  

I need deposits and commitment slips ASAP! I have asked the students to have them in by the end of September.

We have a total of 110 spots. 12 of those are reserved for chaperones and the rest are student spots. Those to bring in a deposit and commitment slip will be given first priority.

Those of you wondering about fundraisers – September – pizza fundraiser complete.  We will start selling sheets soon. The students will sell the sheets for $40 and earn $15 from each set. More information will be coming home soon. Other fundraisers TBD.  

Payment Schedule – to be paid by the 15th of each month

September – $100 Deposit – non refundable

October – $100

November – $100

December – $100

January – $100

February – remaining amount

I give permission for my student _________________________________ to attend the CA trip with Kanab High School Music Department.  I will help my student be prompt with payments. I understand that once I have signed this slip I have also committed to payment in full for the trip.

In case of emergency I give my student permission to be treated.  

Please print name of signing parent/guardian _____________________________________

Parent/guardian signature ___________________________________ date ________


My student _________________ will NOT be going the CA trip  

Parent/guardian signature _________________________________ date ___________

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