Music Trip to CA 2022

 KHS Music trip information. - updated 1/19/22

In regards to the California Music Trip - After a few weeks of much research, thought, and discussions with Mr. Stewart - I am sad to say the decision has been made to cancel the trip for this year.

By pulling out of the trip today we should be able to refund the full amount that has been paid so far. We felt the financial risk is too great with more and more restrictions and canceled activities throughout the country being put in place due to the surge of covid cases. The refund checks will take a few weeks to get worked out, but Mrs. Jones in the finance office will be working hard to get those out as soon as humanly possible.
For the Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors - We will try again next year if the interest is still high and covid numbers are down.

Those of you fundraising - keep it up - it can be applied to your future trips.

A few of the deciding factors -
*The indoor activities such as attending the musical Hamilton now require a current up to date vaccination card.  They won't accept negative tests.
*Concern about dining with a large group if dining rooms are closed or only open to those with vax cards.
*Students pulling out of the trip over the past two days - which would increase the cost for those still going.
If you have other questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Terry via email or remind. I may be updating this page as needed if other questions come up.

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