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Course Description
This course provides opportunities for students to develop their musical potential through learning to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. The study includes the care and cultivation of a beautiful tone, the ability to read music, the building of technical skills, team spirit, and responsible rehearsal habits.
Classroom Rules
+ BE ON TIME When the tardy bell rings, you will be in your proper seat with appropriate materials.
+ BE PREPARED You will be expected to have your instrument, music, paper, and pencil in class every day. You will be expected to pass off or hand in assignments when they are due.
+ BE ON TASK You need to be doing what you should be doing at all times - listening, participating, or working.
+ BE POLITE You need to show respect for yourself, others, and property
+ NO FOOD, DRINK, OR GUM *You may bring a water bottle.
Negative Consequences
1. You will be asked to stop the inappropriate behavior.
2. If the problem continues, we will create a plan for improvement.
3. If we still have a problem, we will invite your parent/guardian to a conference on your behalf.
4. If the problem persists, we will ask the assistant principal to intervene.
5. Any problems past this point will be referred to the principal.
Positive Consequences
1. Enjoyable rehearsals.
2. Wonderful performances.
3. Great education.
+ PARTICIPATION 25% Each day you are in class, on time, prepared, and participate you will receive full daily points. When tardy you will lose participation points. If unfortunate circumstances come your way and you are unable to play in rehearsal, you will need to bring a note from your parent/guardian. If the problem persists, a note from your family physician may be necessary.
+ ASSIGNMENTS 10% You will be given some written assignments, some written quizzes, and written tests.
+ PRACTICE/PROGRESS 25% The best way for the group to progress is with individual practice. If you aren’t practicing on your own, you aren’t helping yourself or the group. You will have weekly out of class practice assignments
+ PERFORMANCES 40% Performances constitute the most considerable portion of your grade. To be excused from a performance, you must fill out the online performance absence form. Another assignment will be given to take the place of the performance.
Grades will be figured on a percentage basis as follows:
94 - 100%=A 90 - 93%=A-
87 - 89%=B+ 83 - 86%=B 80 - 82%=B-
77 - 79%=C+ 74 - 76%=C 70 - 73%=C-
65 - 69%=D+ 60 - 64%=D below 60%=F
Your citizenship grade will be figured as follows:
• No tardies/perfect attendance and good behavior will get the highest mark.
• 3 or more tardies or excessive absences that aren’t made up will result in an Unsatisfactory/Needs improvement mark.
• White slips and being unprepared for the class will also bring down your citizenship grade.
Canvas - - Assignments will be given and graded through canvas. Be sure to log in to canvas settings and turn on your notifications for this class.
Website - - I have a new website khs.music.kanek12.org you will turn your practice time in each week from the website. Along with practice, you will find other pertinent information regarding performance dates, places, and times. You will also find additional resources that will help you be successful this school year.
Smart Music – We will be using smart music for some in class and some at home assignments and playing tests. If you do not have internet access at home, please let me know, and we can make arrangements to complete assignments at school. The program is now internet based and can be used with any internet browser.
Remind app – I will send reminders home about concerts and important assignments. Parents sign up for my class by texting our class code, @k4b3cg, to the number 81010 to enroll. (You must include the @ sign) Students under the age of 13 are not allowed to receive messages through remind. If you would prefer to receive messages via email instead of text go to remind.com and sign up on a computer. The class code is still the same.
Other tidbits of information
If you are ordering an instrument off of the internet, please contact me first.
Instrument Rental Night Wednesday, August 22st 5 – 7 pm in the KMS Commons. We will have “The Music Store” here from St. George.
The middle school has a few instruments to rent. The fee is $75 for the school year, or $10 a month.
Our concert attire will be black dress shirts, ties for the guys, black pants/skirts, black nylons/socks, and black shoes.
Each year we try to have a Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and a Final Concert. Check the website khs.music.kanek12.org for current information.
Signing the Disclosure Statement –
To acknowledge that students and parents have read this disclosure statement, please go to khs.music.kanek12.org, click on disclosure link, read the disclosure together and then fill out the online form and submit. Once I receive your online acknowledgment, and your parent has joined remind you will earn your points for turning in the disclosure statement. If you do not have access to the internet/data at home be sure to let Mrs. Terry know and another method will be provided.
************************************** Experiencing the Fine Arts All students should have the opportunity to experience the fine arts as part of a well-rounded education. The study of drama, dance, music, media arts, and the visual arts helps students explore realities, relationships, and ideas that cannot be expressed simply in words or numbers. Learning in fine arts is valuable on its own, but it also engages students in learning in other subjects. Research has shown visual arts instruction to improve reading readiness. Performing and creating facilitates the acquisition of problem-solving skills and teamwork. Those skills can then be applied to other academic areas. All fine arts have academic content. Thus, the arts can help students learn essential skills in new and exciting ways. In the global economy, creativity is essential. Creativity in students must be nurtured and allowed to have a place in the education of the whole child to prepare that child for the future. The study of visual arts, dance, drama, and music, as outlined in the Utah State Core Standards, provides a venue for creativity to flourish. The fine arts give a place for students to explore new ideas, for appropriate risk-taking, for creative problem solving, for working together with others, for developing aesthetic awareness, for exploring and expressing the world, and for cultural awareness and representation, in addition to the benefits of study in the discipline of fine arts. The study of fine arts is a critical element of a well-rounded education for every student.

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