X-Press Auditions

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X-Press Audition information 2020-2021 – Digital/Virtual Auditions

HS Choir class grades 9-12 -- no audition needed everyone can be in this choir.

X-Press Choir grades 10-12 -- you must audition and there are only a certain number of seats to be filled.

Part 1 -If you are interested please complete this form now.

Part 2 - Due by May 8th

  • Submit a video of you singing a solo of your choice. 1-1½   minutes total.
    • It should be school appropriate in content.
    • Please use accompaniment for your solo.
      •  You may use Piano, YouTube (instrumental track), Guitar, or other methods for your accompaniment. If you accompany yourself make sure your face is visible.
    • There should not be any other voice on the video.
    • Your face must be visible during the entire video.
    • Share the video in one of the following ways
      • Upload it to your google drive and then share it with Mrs. Terry terrym@kane.k12.ut.us
      • Upload it to YouTube and share the link via email.
      • Send it in a remind message. If you don’t have a remind account from one of Mrs. Terry’s other classes, text the class code @79kk4c to the number 81010. Download the remind app and message your video through remind.
    • Video is due before May 8th @ 11 pm

Part 3 - May 12th & 13th

  • Once your video has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email from Mrs. Terry. You will be asked to schedule a time for a zoom meeting audition that will last around 8-10 minutes.
  • During the zoom portion of the audition you will:
    • establish range (how low and high you can sing)
    • match pitches played on the piano
    • sight-sing – rhythms and pitches Here is a link to an example.
    • sing the melody of My Country Tis of Thee – first verse only in the key of F Here is a link to a page with a PDF and mp3's to practice with.

The academic requirement for being in X-Press is a 2.5 cumulative GPA as well as all other code of conduct requirements.

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