X-Press Auditions

Be prepared to do the following:

  • sing My Country tis of Thee - melody
  • sing a song of your choice - 1-1/2¬† minutes
  • sight read - rhythms and pitches
  • match pitches played on the piano
  • determine your range
  • clap and move to the beat

If you have any questions about auditions please talk to Mrs. Terry.

Tryouts will be in the music room.

We will hold a group audition a few days to a week  before individual auditions. The group audition is just to get you acquainted with the process and help you be better prepared. Although the group audition will not be scored, your attendance is required. Your dedication to the group will be important if you make the group. Consider this the 'dedication' portion of your audition. You will also be signing up for your individual audition at that time.

The academic requirement for being in X-Press a little higher than other extra curricular activities. You need to have a 2.5 cumulative GPA as well as all other code of conduct requirements.

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