I can’t be to our performance. What should I do?

Be sure to fill out this form as soon as you know you will miss a performance.

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How important is class attendance?

Each day you are in class on time, prepared, and participate you will receive points. When tardy you will lose participation points. If unfortunate circumstances come your way and you are unable to play in rehearsal, you will need to bring a note from your parent/guardian. If the problem persists a note from your family physician may be necessary.

Being prepared includes: Having your instrument, music, paper, and pencil in class every day. You will be expected to pass off or hand in assignments when they are due.

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What is ‘concert black’?

Concert black is the standard formal wear for all performance ensembles except X-Press. You should have a black shirt, black pants/skirt, black socks/tights, and black closed toe dress shoes. The clothes should be dressy and not just a t-shirt and jeans. Guys can choose their own tie color.

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How do I make up points for missing a class period?

You must practice a minimum of 40 minutes on the current concert music. Before you practice be sure to write down your practice goal. At the completion of your practice, write a summary of how you achieved your goal.  If you have a community performance you would like to report instead, be sure to talk to Mrs. Terry about that.

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