Symphony of the Canyons Scholarship Qualifications and Rules



Student shall submit name, age, address, phone, email, school year, instrument of choice, parent name and contact information, and paragraph stating “Why I should be considered for a Scholarship”.

Qualification:  Kane County, Utah or Fredonia, Arizona School Program:

Participation in an instrument class of any grade 7 through 12 with 80% class attendance, 100% concert participation and an “A” grade level accomplished.

Symphony of the Canyons Orchestra or Youth Orchestra Program:

Participation in the Symphony of the Canyons Orchestra or the Youth Orchestra during grades 7 through 12 with Participation in a minimum of 30 rehearsals, 5 concert performances and measurable improvement in technique.   The Artistic Director or Youth Orchestra Conductor shall make the improvement determination in the month of August each year.

Excused Absence:

          Requires a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian.  Allowed absences are:

  • Death of a family member
  • Severe or contagious illness
  • Immediate family travel out of the area
  • Approved School Activity

 Scholarship Award:  

  • $100 per year of each qualified School Program involvement
  • $150 per year of each qualified Orchestra participation.
  • Maximum allowed per student shall be $1500.00
  • Scholarships shall be paid directly to the college of choice for tuition only.

 Symphony of the Canyons Scholarship Application

Submit to your instructor or mail to:

Symphony of the Canyons Board of Directors

P O Box 495 – Kanab, Utah 84741



Student Name _____________________________________________ Age ________

Address ______________________________________________________________

City _____________________ Zip ___________ Phone _______________________

E-mail _______________________________________________________________

School Year _____________________ Instrument ____________________________


“Why I should be considered for a scholarship”




Student Signature


Parent or Guardian Name:_________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

Phone ___________________ E-mail _____________________________________



Parent or Guardian Signature of Approval and Support



Instructor Approval ____________________________________________________


Artistic Director Approval _______________________________________________


Symphony of the Canyon Board of Directors Approval _______________________

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